New York State’s efforts to protect consumers against fraud have been realized in the creation of new legal requirements of mold assessors and remediatiors. As of January 2016 all mold assessors and remediators are required to be trained and have a New York State license in order to perform assessment and remediation. Mold remediation activities can not occur unless a licensed mold assessor has inspected the home. Once the presence of mold is confirmed by the assessor, he will set up an EPA recognized standard of practice for the licensed remediatiors to follow. This new law prohibits assessment and remediation on the property by the same individual.


If consumers hire professionals who advertise as having mold assessor credentials without a valid license and who are not compliant with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations, they risk paying for work that can not be certified when they try and sell their home and they may be subject to a $200 fine nonetheless continued health related issues in their home. For more information visit the web site for the New York Department of Labor.

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