General Recommendations

Remediation according to EPA requirements to include HEPA vacuum, mildicide/ moldicide/ Inhibitor.

Set up portable lighting.

Worker paths within home interior will be protected. EPA SOP sealing off work area

HEPA air scrubbers will be utilized to prevent contamination in living area of home.

Humidity control equipment will be utilized as necessary to maintain humidity below 60% during the remediation project. According to ASHRAE 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, indoor relative humidity should generally be maintained below 60 percent to limit microbial growth.

Secure 6 mil plastic containment to protect areas from cross contamination as needed.

Positive pressure ventilation while working.

Worker safety equipment to include full faced respirators with filters and/or N-95 respirators, Tyvek suits, booties and gloves will be utilized as necessary.

HEPA vacuum all visible mold.

All affected, exposed areas will be scraped, wire brushed and scrubbed with professional cleaner/mold inhibitor.

Air movers will be utilized as necessary to pump in dehumidified air to dry the structure to industry standards. Air scrubber, air mover and dehumidifier will be utilized as necessary for duration.

Remove ridge cap and add additional ventilation, install new shingles , vent-a-ridge  and  ridge cap as necessary.

Clean and reposition ‘proper’ vents to unblock soffits to adequately allow free air flow.

Air seal attic access.

Clean up and Disposal :  All discarded materials, including personal protection equipment, will be bagged/sealed, loaded, transported and disposed of according to industry standards/EPA guidelines.  All equipment will be removed once areas are dried to industry standards.