NY Infrared Scan.com was retained by the client to conduct a mold assessment quote to remedy items identified during our inspection and also to offer preventative and corrective recommendations.
The purpose of the mold assessment was to determine the presence and extent of microbial growth, any unusual moisture conditions in the building, and to provide detail for remediation and preventative actions in accordance with industry standards as identified in section 5 of this report.


The conclusions and recommendations contained in this report are based on information obtained during our mold assessment, which included:

Property Description
The home is a two story home of wood frame construction.  Entire roof plus sheeting installed 10 years ago. Attic floor is approximately 1,000 square feet.

A visual assessment of the residence was conducted to determine the extent of microbial growth and unusual moisture conditions. Contributing factors of initial inspection findings as follows:

Active mold viable on sheeting, at gable ends and on rafters in the attic.

Proper vents are installed too deep, blocking soffit vents.

The ridge vent is not working correctly.

The attic hatch is not sealed from the building envelope.

Conclusions of Initial Inspection
The mold growth, staining and moisture to affected building materials appears to be related to inadequate ventilation.

Excessive moisture destroys structural integrity and creates huge, expensive problems like mold and mildew which can cause serious health concerns. Often, these problems are not obvious until it's too late so if you can discover them early through infrared technology, you can save yourself a lot of money and increase your building's lifespan dramatically.